March 2017

Wow! Where did February go? Mind, Spring is with us - my favourite season.

Not surprising that , for me, February flew by - we were down south spending time with our first grandchild, Serena (and she lives up to her name - I don't know if Tash and Tom appreciate how lucky they are Laughing), we lost my wife's mum, and I got some paying work - just a week's consultancy, but very welcome. 

All this real life activity meant I made less progress than hoped on  Waning Crescent, Shattered Cross; I'd hoped we'd be looking for 'blind' playtesters during February. But that doesn't mean there's been no progress - the full review of rules, charts, etc. that I want to complete before the next stage of playtesting is well progressed and Darek, Randy and I have been busy playing with (prototype) counter art. Here are a couple of samples of the latest iteration :


As I say, these are still evolving.

Over in The LYG Shop we've been running a Buy 2 and get the 3rd half-price promotion for a few months. Well, the bad news is that that promotion is over. The good news is that we've added some new stock....


...And you'll find Many PRICES REDUCED.

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And finally...

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