August 2014


Beating the UK/EU Pre-Order Blues

Two LYG sponsors are in the process of taking payments for pre-order games at the moment and both are offering a VAT busting deal.

Legion Wargames have Ici c'est la France (2nd Edition) shipping but still available at the pre-order price of $40 + shipping - with an additional offer on Tonkin discounted to $40 + shipping if you pay for it at the same time as your Ici pre-order.

And Clash of Arms will shortly be shipping the long awaited Legion of Honor at $65 + shipping.

Now the VAT busting deal that both are offering (Clash to the UK and Legion to the UK and EU) is that, for a relatively small additional shipping surcharge, they will pay both the VAT and the handling fee for the games.

These publishers are able to offer this service as a result of an arrangement they have with Limey Yank Games. This service is available to all LYG sponsors so, if you want to support your favourite companies pre-order programmes but find it just to expensive, lobby the company to take advantage of the service if they are already and LYG sponsor - or suggest they consider becoming a sponsor if not so already.

This way we can hopefully revitalise the UK/EU pre-ordering of US games. Show your support for the idea by getting that order in .

I'm not sure how much longer these pre-order prices will be lasting so I suggest you check them out now.


My sale of MMP games went reasonably well last month - thanks to those of you that participated and you'll be glad to hear I'm busy reinvesting the funds into games from various LYG sponsors.

I've moved them over to Ebay (UK) now but if there are no bids in on an item and you're interested, I'm happy to honour the original price found here:

Please let me draw your attention again to War Diary. The second issue is being posted out as I write and individual issues or subscriptions (both very reasonable priced) are available. I believe copies of issue #1 remain available and issue #2 contains a 12-page article on Toulon, 1793 - the history and the game, by yours truly.

War Diary #2

I'm now working on my second design - A SciFi game. This time I'm partnering with another designer. Can't say very much at all at the moment as I want to be sure there is genuinely a game in our ideas. Progress so far is good and our confidence is growing.

Thanks to each of you that have made a donation to help support the site. Natasha and I are grateful and humbled. Every donation - and I genuinely mean every donation, no matter how large or small - makes us realise that our efforts are genuinely appreciated. The fact that you're under no obligation to contribute makes it even more rewarding when you do.

Thank You!

I need just 23 more pre-orders Toulon. This will be the first game designed by LYG and will be published by Legion Wargames. The game is also featured on BGG and, as of this month, there is a review of the game available.

Toulon Box Cover

Toulon 1793

The image above is of early playtest components.

My thanks as always to our visitors, sponsors, contributors and now donors too.


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