Limey Yank Games

Limey Yank Games is a site that seeks to support the wargaming hobby (players and publishers) by making available a wide range of Cyberboard, Vassal and Zun Tzu files and related material.

The site is maintained on a part-time basis and is typically updated on the first Saturday of every month.

Site rules

We are entirely dependent on the good will of contributors and publishers.

We have very few rules and those we do have are intended to protect the site to ensure we can all continue to reap the benefits it provides.

The rules are:

  1. We can only make Gameboxes, Game Boxes and Mods generally available if they do not contain scanned images, or where use of scans has been authorised by the copyright holder.
  2. If anyoner requests the removal of content related to materials to which they hold copyright (whether it contatins scan or not), we will comply.
  3. The site administrator reserves the right to remove or edit any site content.


Please support LYG's sponsors. They are all enthusiastic supporters of PBEM tools and recognise that they enhances the gaming opportunites and experiences of owners of their games. These publishers are supporting Cyberboard - return the favour! And please mention LYG when placing orders - Thanks.

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