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We're always grateful for Cyberboard gamebox, ZunTzu game box and Vassal mod submissions.

We do have to ask that if the files contain any scanned images, you confirm that you have the copyright holders permission. Provided you have then we're OK to host. Likewise, if there are no scans we're fine with hosting.

Scans or no scans, if the copyright holder requests that the file be removed then I'm afraid our policy is to comply.

Ultimately we hope to provde the facility for you to upload your files directly to the site. In the meantime you'll have to email them to us at .

If the file is exceptionally large you may wish to use the like of (select their free 'Lite' plan) or

I always acknowledge receipt so, if you don't hear from me within, say, 48-hours, please try again.

Thanks in anticipation.

Andy & Natasha


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