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July 2017

Just a quick update from me today as I'm off to visit my (now) 5-month old granddaughter for the weekend.

My thanks to everyone that volunteered to produce Vassal, Cyberboard and ZunTzu files for Streets of Stalingrad 4. These individuals details have been forwarded to Dana Lombardy and it is hoped he will be able to provide them with the necessary files once the SOS4 Kickstarter Campaign completes. It has just a handful of days left to run and is 'spitting distance' from its goal - please think about supporting it, especially now you know it will now have PBEM aids. It also has an EU Friendly shipping option (alas not through me).

Talking of EU Friendly Shipping, pre-order stock for Legion's Target for Today and Demyansk Shield is en-route to me. So, if you're in the UK/EU and want to take advantage of pre-order prices, be quick. I should also have some for sale in the  LYG shop very soon.

BREXIT & Our EU Friendly Shipping

Despite the UK vote to leave the European Union, our EU Friendly Shipping Service is unlikely to be affected for several years. Remember that we offer EU Friendly Shipping Service to all of our sponsors. It reduces their costs as well as saving you money related to VAT charges. Please get your favourite publisher to talk to us about how we could work with them.

And finally...

My thanks as always to our sponsors, advertisers, contributors and visitors.


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