June 2016

***************** PLEASE NOTE: There will be no July update****************

It is always pleasing to have a bumber crop of files for you - and even more so when there is a mix of Cyberboard, Vassal and Zun Tzu. And so I'm a happy chappie this month.

Vassal Files

This month actually sees a big change in philosophy for LYG. For the past 13-years (yes, we've been around that long!) we have always hosted the files we provide. Going forwatd however, you will see us increasingly linking to the Vassal site for that game aid's mods (when the files are available there - we do have a few LYG exclusives).

This change is primarily driven by our wish to keep up to date. Many Vassal mod authors have very generously allowed us to host their files - but not all of them keep us advised of updates (and why should they?). This means I have to try, each month, to keep abreast of the changes - a labourious and flawed process. By linking to the module pages on the Vassal site we can guarantee we're providing with access to the latest versions.

I'll be replacing the existing Vassal modules with the links gradually - it will probably take years to complete. One downside is that 'migrated' files will appear as updates in the list below - sorry about that. You will also start to note that some appear without attribution. If they are submitted to LYG they will always be attributed. If, instead, there is simply a link, then the attribution will be provided on the Vassal site page.

I'd like to thank Natasha for implementing ths site update that allows this change. I asked for it last weekend - and she delivered the upgrade the same day. That's service!

What other news?

Well, its June - which means it is CSW Expo! I'll be there, playtesting Waning Crescent/Shattered Cross and helping to man the Legion stand in the Dealer Room, so hopefully a number of you will drop by and say "hello". The playtest kit is all printed, mounted and cut - I'm especially pleased with the cards Cool.

WCSC image

WCSC image

WCSC Playtest Components

Thank Goodness for Hosting

Many of you will know that I've had two or three computer failures over the site's 13-year life and that the recovery has never been easy and has often been messy. Well, last night, part way through this update, my latest PC decided to fail (corrupt Windows I think - and it isn't letting me recover or even reinstall the OS). Thankfully LYG is now hosted and so, other than typing this welcome message on my laptop, there has been no impact.

LYG Shop

I've added a little extra stock to our 'Shop'. Sales are going really well , so thanks for your support - and get in there before you miss a bargain Wink.

EU Friendly Shipping

Remember that we offer EU Friendly Shipping Service to our sponsors. It reduces their costs as well as saving you money related to VAT charges. Please get your favourite publisher to talk to us about how we could work with them.

And finally...

My thanks as always to our sponsors, advertisers, contributors and visitors.


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