August 2016

First of all, apologies for the lack of update last month; not sure if that has happened before in our 16 year history (I bet it has , but it is certainly rare). The reason was simply that I didn't get back from CSW Expo in Tempe until Sunday after a 24 hr (and 5 minute) door-to-door journey and I simply couldn't find themotivation.

The Expo was, as always, excellent and I've already bought my plane ticket for nest year Cool. Three solid days of playtesting for Waning Crescent/Shattered Cross achieved something like 2-months of normal progress. Since the Expo I've incorporated the rules changes and redesigned the map. I've a few changes to make to the counters and the Alpha paytesting can commence in earnest.

On a personal note, since we last spoke I learned that I will become a grandad (for the first) time in January next year. My daughter, and your webmaster, Natasha also turns 30 this month so, with plent to celebrate I thought I'd share the joy by having a 1-month only promotion, exclusively for LYG visitors, in the LYG 'Shop'. So..,

For August Only...

10% off everything

just quote 'GRANDAD30' when you place your order.

 And with the £ having taken a bashing due to Brexit, prices are even better for our overseas visitors.

Talking of Brexit...

BREXIT & Our EU Friendly Shipping

Despite the UK vote to leave the European Union, our EU Friendly Shipping Service is unlikely to be affected for several years.Remember that we offer EU Friendly Shipping Service to all of our sponsors. It reduces their costs as well as saving you money related to VAT charges. Please get your favourite publisher to talk to us about how we could work with them.

And finally...

My thanks as always to our sponsors, advertisers, contributors and visitors.


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