May 2017

Well, April was fun. I turned 56 and I got my first month in my new job under my belt - neither were especially painful. Birthday gifts included Abel Gance's 1927 silent classic 'Napoleon' - especially looking forward to seeing the Toulon sequence Smile.

May's main event will be the annual pilgrimage (this will be the 7th consecutive year) to CSW Expo in Arizona; always one of the highlights of my year. As in the past two years, I'll be running playtest sessions for Waning Crescent, Shattered Cross. This should be the last time I'm doing that as I fully expect to see it published well before next year's Expo (as of this morning it needs just 8 more pre-orders).

Whilst at the Expo I'll also be testing the next title in Didier Rouy's Vive l'Empereur Series. I'm not sure how public the knowledge is as to the title/subject so I'll limit myself to saying that like WCSC (& Toulon), this will be a siege game.

Each year at the Expo I help Randy Lein out on the Legion Wargames stand and enjoy the friendly (and now traditional) competition between him and Revolution Games' Roger Miller. If things go to plan, along with the splendid Legion line up of games, we'll have the following available for sale: War Diary, WWI Illustrated and games from Strategemata.

If you're at the Expo, pop and say "Hello". Better still, get involved in the WCSC playtesting.

Back to LYG, we have a nice mix of games covered this month - Enjoy!

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