July 2014

Well, June was fun. A week in Tempe for CSW Expo, meeting old friends and making new. Got to play COA's Battles from the Age of Reason series and Toulon 1793 got its last pre-publication public playtest (expect to see it published later this year). This was then followed by the wedding of Natasha (my daughter and your webmaster).

We're now into July and 199 years after Napoleon was exiled to St Helena, you can see evidence of his continued impact through the very Napoleonic theme of this month's featured games. We have the first two expansions from GMT's acclaimed 'Command & Colors: Napoleonics' series, my own Toulon 1793 (note the new cover design) and the current issue of War Diary magazine which this month features articles on the 1812 campain and godd old Toulon - almost bookends to the great man's career.

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Guderian's Blitzkrieg Box slight shelfwear/content Excellent £20 
Guderian's Blitzkrieg Box some shelfwear/map and counter laminated, no reason to think incomplete - but not checked £10 
Bloody Ridge As New/In Shrink 20

Matanikau As New/In Shrink £20 
Screaming Eagles As New/In Shrink £25 

Stalingrad Pocket II Box slight shelfwear/ content As New/Unpunched £25 
Solitaire ASL 2nd Edition (in first ed box - was sold as ziplock) As New £75 
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I need just 27 more pre-orders Toulon. This will be the first game designed by LYG and will be published by Legion Wargames. The game is also featured on BGG and, as of this month, there is a review of the game available.

Toulon Box Cover

Toulon 1793

The image above is of early playtest components.

My thanks as always to our visitors, sponsors, contributors and now donors too.


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