March 2012

Though it is great that a number of you have 'Liked' us on Facebook and started to 'Follow' us on Twitter, the numbers are still somewhat disappointing and I would like to again encourage more of you to do so. Whilst we'll continue to announce the monthly updates via the likes of Consimworld, it is  Facebook and Twitter that will allow you to see what is happening on the site during the month. Importantly, when we enable the facility for people to upload directly, the monthly announcements will cease and Facebook and Twitter will be the main means of letting people know the site has been updated. So, I'd encourage you to join us there now, so you don't forget later!

And while I'm hectoring you all, it would be great to see more of you create accounts on the site and start adding content in the form of Forum entries and comments on the files. Go on - just to humour me. Natasha and I are putting a lot of effort into trying to make the site more interactive – our thanks to those of you that have used these facilities already.

OK - enough of the nagging (that's not why you come here after all). What news do we have?

First off, there's the usual nice mix of new PBEM files and updates.

Secondly, we're going to be featuring one of our Sponsors each month for the next few months. These guys really deserve our thanks and our business. They all give their wholehearted support to the likes of Vassal, Cyberboard and ZunTzu - and our hobby is the richer for that support.

This month we're featuring Legion Wargames.

Legion Wargames banner

Legion Wargames (LWG) was founded in May of 2009 by my good personal friend, Randy Lein.

Randy's declared goal, with the help of some talented game designers, and a few select affiliates, is to provide a fine selection of professionally produced military board games which cover topics that are as of yet un-gamed, or new game systems that offer a unique perspective on history.  In addition to the games, Randy places a strong focus on a high level of customer satisfaction and customer service.

As the sole proprietor of LWG, Randy handles all aspects of running the business in addition to helping develop the games, creating many of the graphics for the counters, maps, and box covers, coordinating production and shipping. 

Some of you may know Randy through his involvement in the now sadly defunct Khyber Pass Games. If this is the case and you haven't yet seen LWG's offerings then you're in for a massive and pleasant surprise. Whilst Khyber Pass was a DTP company, Legion's products couldn't be more professional. In fact, I'd argue that aspects such as their Easy-Punch (TM) counters are cutting-edge (pardon the pun - and if you haven't seen these yet, ask someone who has; they're simply incredible).

Tonkink Boardgame by Legion WargamesHell over Korea Boardgame by Legion WargamesSlouch hats & Eggshells Boardgame by Legion Wargames

Legion has just published three new games (all of which have PBEM aids available or in the pipe-line). These are Slouch Hats & Eggshells by Vance Von Borries, Tonkin by Kim Kanger and Hell over Korea (an expansion to the incredibly popular B-29) by Steve Dixon & Shawn Rife.

Andy Loakes in a Limey Yank Games tshirtThe last bit of news is that I've bitten the bullet and decided to splash out of airfare to Consimworld Expo again this June. Last year was my first visit - and I loved it. Meeting a number of you was amongst the highlights of the week. Hopefully I'll meet more of you this year. If there is any interest, I'll again have some LYG polo-shirts made and bring them over (saving on shipping). If you are interested drop me a line and I'll find out prices. I'm guessing around £15 ($25) but will check when and if there is interest. They are available in a range of sizes and colours.

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