November 2011

A modest set of updates this month but the big news is that LYG is undergoing another redesign. Natasha has promised to make a leap forward with the site's functionality as a Christmas present to her dad and, by association, to all of you.

Here's what she posted in my CSW Blog:

Hello all,

Natasha here. You may have seen me post the occasional message on here, or more likely heard about me from my dad, Andy.

I can see he's already mentioned I'm planning to overhaul his website (hopefully in time for Christmas). One aim of what I'm doing is to bring focus back to the areas you are interested in. I'd like to know what areas of Limey Yank Games you like the most, and which areas you don't visit so much.

I'll probably post here a few more times over the next couple of months, asking for your opinions and keeping you up to date on how it's going.



Natasha and I really want your input into this redesign. You can send your ideas to me using the 'Send Despatch' button at the base of this page or, better still, you can join in the debate (and share your ideas with the wider community) by joining us on the CSW Blog (see link at the base of the main menu to the left). The debate starts here: HERE.


And watch this space.

Our thanks, as always, to all our visitors, contributors and sponsors.

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