January 2017


FEBRUARY UPDATE LATE: This month's update will occur on Sunday, 5th February. This is due to the late arrival of Serena Evelyn Bates, my first grandchild and your webmaster's (Natasha's) first child, and their susbsequent delayed departure from hospital (nothing serious). Sealed


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Well, I don't know about you but I had a great 2016, a super Christmas/New Year break - and I'm looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings (including my first grandchild later this month).

We've got a great selection of downloads to start off the year, and there's more than one file for each of the three platforms we support - which is fantastic.

In other news Waning Crescent, Shattered Cross has made significant progress this month thanks to the efforts of the playtesters and my co-Developer, Gareth Scott (Gos). The rules, whilst still under development, are now stable enough that I've been busy, these last couple of days, updating the Cyberboard Gamebox that we're using for playtesting, to get it ready for Beta/blind playtesting which I hope to kick off later this month. We only need 60 more pre-orders so please do your bit to support us and get your pledge in (thanks if you have done already).

See you next month.

BREXIT & Our EU Friendly Shipping

Despite the UK vote to leave the European Union, our EU Friendly Shipping Service is unlikely to be affected for several years. Remember that we offer EU Friendly Shipping Service to all of our sponsors. It reduces their costs as well as saving you money related to VAT charges. Please get your favourite publisher to talk to us about how we could work with them.

And finally...

My thanks as always to our sponsors, advertisers, contributors and visitors.


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