VASSAL is an open-source game engine which allows users to both play in real time (over a live Internet connection) and as PBeM ( via email). It runs on all platforms, and is free for personal use.

The files that are created/used for each individual game title are known as 'mods'.

Vassal is extremely popular amongst wargamers and, of all the games engines, probably has the greatest number of games supported. Creating 'mods' is more technical than for either Cyberboard or ZunTzu.

The software can be download from the VASSAL Website.

There is lots of information on creating mods and playing with Vassal available of the website.

Title Publisher Contributor
To The Far Shore World Wide Wargames Peter Dietrich
Tonkin Legion Wargames Stan Hilinski
Totaler Krieg (2nd Edition) Decision Games n/a
Toulon 1793 Legion Wargames Peter Bennett
Trenches of Valor Victory Point Games Art Bennett
Trenches of Valor Victory Point Games n/a
Triumph & Tragedy GMT Games n/a
Triumph of Chaos Clash of Arms Mark Beninger
Turkenkrieg Red Sash Games Miguel Angel Sanchez
Twilight Struggle GMT Games Tim McCarron
Ukraine 43 GMT Games Bob Schindler
Unhappy King Charles GMT Games Joel Toppen
Victory Columbia Games Mike O'Connell
Vittoria 20 Victory Point Games Mark Beninger
Von Mansteins Backhanded Blow GMT Games Mark Beninger
Wagram Victory Point Games Mark Beninger
Walcheren 1809 Acies Edizioni Pierre Bulle
War Galley GMT Games Stephen R Welch
War of 1812 Columbia Games Thomson, Stan Hilinski
Washington's Crossing Revolution Games Richard Handewith, Roger Miller
Washington's War GMT Games Joel Toppen, Judd Vance
Washington's War GMT Games Joel Toppen
Waterloo 20 Victory Point Games Mark Beninger
Waterloo 20 v2 Victory Point Games Mark Beninger
Wellington n/a
Wilderness War GMT Games n/a
Winter Storm Vanguard Games Peter Dietrich
Wise Bayonets Acies Edizioni Pierre Bulle
Won by the Sword GMT Games n/a
WTF1940: The Breakthrough at Dinant Battles Magazine Jeff Coyle
WWII: Barbarossa to Berlin GMT Games Joel Toppen
Yalu Compass Games Joel Toppen


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