VASSAL is an open-source game engine which allows users to both play in real time (over a live Internet connection) and as PBeM ( via email). It runs on all platforms, and is free for personal use.

The files that are created/used for each individual game title are known as 'mods'.

Vassal is extremely popular amongst wargamers and, of all the games engines, probably has the greatest number of games supported. Creating 'mods' is more technical than for either Cyberboard or ZunTzu.

The software can be download from the VASSAL Website.

There is lots of information on creating mods and playing with Vassal available of the website.

Title Publisher Contributor
Storm over Normandy Multi-Man Publishing Peter Bennett
Storming the Reich Compass Games Joel Toppen
Strafexpedition 1916 Europa Simulazioni Peter Dietrich
Striking the Anvil Battles Magazine n/a
Struggle for Europe Clash of Arms n/a
Struggle for Europe: Brute Force Clash of Arms B. Smith
Struggle for Europe: The Mediterranean Clash of Arms B. Smith
Struggle for Europe: War without Mercy Clash of Arms B. Smith
Successors GMT Games John Bowers
Summer Storm Clash of Arms n/a
Sweden Fights On GMT Games Knut Gruenitz
Szczekociny 1794 Slawek Łukasik
Talon GMT Games Stefano Tine, Bob Seifert
Texas Glory Columbia Games Stan Hilinski
The Army of the Heartland Clash of Arms Tony Hicks
The Battle of the Adobe Walls Legion Wargames Mike Westley
The Bulge: FAB #1 GMT Games Mark Beninger
The Caucasus Campaign GMT Games Kryzystof Chadaj
The Coming Storm Operational Studies Group Andreas E. Gebhardt
The Conquerors: Alexander the Great GMT Games John Bowers
The Dark Valley Paul Marjoram, Phil Feller
The Devil's to Pay Clash of Arms Lee Trowbridge
The Emperor Returns Clash of Arms John Gant
The Fall of the Third Reich Compass Games Dave Jones
The Grand Campaign Schroeder Publishing & Wargames Peter Dietrich
The Great Invasion Clash of Arms Judd Vance
The Hunters Consim Press, GMT Games Joel Toppen
The Hunters Consim Press Joel Toppen
The Invasion of Russia Europa Simulazioni Peter Bennett
The Invincible Armada Turning Point Simulations n/a
The Last Success Operational Studies Group Knut Gruenitz
The Last Victory Clash of Arms Peter Dietrich
The Mighty Endeavor Multi-Man Publishing Gary Krockover
The Next War Simulations Publications, Inc. Richard Lee
The Russian Campaign n/a
The Russian Campaign GMT Games n/a
The Russian Campaign (3rd & 4th Ed) Avalon Hill n/a
The US Civil War GMT Games n/a
Thirty Years War GMT Games Joel Toppen
This Accursed Civil War I: 1st Newbury GMT Games Knut Gruenitz
This Accursed Civil War II: Edgehill GMT Games Knut Gruenitz
This Accursed Civil War III: Naseby GMT Games Knut Gruenitz
This Accursed Civil War IV: Marston Moor GMT Games Knut Gruenitz
This Accursed Civil War V: 2nd Newbury GMT Games Knut Gruenitz
This Accursed Civil War VI: Cheriton GMT Games Knut Gruenitz
Three Days of Gettysburg GMT Games n/a
Thunder in the Ozarks Revolution Games Stephen Oliver
Time of Crisis GMT Games n/a
To The Far Shore World Wide Wargames Peter Dietrich
Tonkin Legion Wargames Stan Hilinski


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