VASSAL is an open-source game engine which allows users to both play in real time (over a live Internet connection) and as PBeM ( via email). It runs on all platforms, and is free for personal use.

The files that are created/used for each individual game title are known as 'mods'.

Vassal is extremely popular amongst wargamers and, of all the games engines, probably has the greatest number of games supported. Creating 'mods' is more technical than for either Cyberboard or ZunTzu.

The software can be download from the VASSAL Website.

There is lots of information on creating mods and playing with Vassal available of the website.

Title Publisher Contributor
Pax Baltica GMT Games Scott Muldoon
Pax Romana GMT Games n/a
Pensacola GMT Games Rob Doane
Perryville The Gamers Gary Krockover
Persian Incursion Clash of Arms Antonio Pinar Peña
PQ-17 GMT Games Joel Toppen
Prairie Aflame Khyber Pass Games Tom Cundiff
Pursuit of Glory GMT Games Mark Beninger
Quatre Batailles en Espagne Legion Wargames, Pratzen Editions Peter Bennett
Quatre Bras & Waterloo 1815 Jour de Gloire Andreas E. Gebhardt
Queen's Gambit Red Sash Games Miguel Angel Sanchez
Race for Berlin Battles Magazine Gonzo
Rebel Raiders on the High Seas GMT Games Joel Toppen
Red Badge of Courage GMT Games n/a
Red Dragon, Blue Dragon Against the Odds Dave Jones
Red Star White Star Simulations Publications, Inc. n/a
Red Storm over the Reich Compass Games John Gant
Red Typhoon Revolution Games Stephen Oliver
Red Winter GMT Games Greg Colman
Reds GMT Games Mark Beninger
Redvers' Reverse (Colenso) Legion Wargames Peter Bennett
Remember Limerick! Red Sash Games Miguel Angel Sanchez
Republic of Rome Avalon Hill n/a
Richard III: War of the Roses Columbia Games Stan Hilinski
Rise of the Roman Republic GMT Games Kevin Coombs
Roads to Moscow GMT Games Peter Bennett
Rosebud Creek, The Battle of Legion Wargames Peter Bennett
Sa Battalla Acies Edizioni Xavier Rubio
Saipan & Tinian Legion Wargames Gonzalo Santacruz
Salamanca: Marmont vs. Wellington Chris Harding Simulations Andreas E. Gebhardt
Saratoga GMT Games Rob Doane
Savannah GMT Games Rob Doane
Savannah GMT Games Rob Doane
Sekigahara GMT Games Joel Toppen
Serpents of the Seas GMT Games Rob Doane
Seven Days of 1809 Operational Studies Group Andreas E. Gebhardt, BennyB
Siege of Orgun, The Revolution Games Pierre Miranda
Silver Bayonet GMT Games Trent Garner
Slouch Hats & Eggshells Legion Wargames Stan Hilinski
Smolensk 20 Victory Point Games Mark Beninger
Sovereign of the Seas Compass Games Peter Bennett
Space Empires: 4X GMT Games Pierre Bulle, Bob Seifert
Spanish Civil War Battles I n/a
Spartacus Imperator Hexasim Pierre Bulle
Sport of Kings Red Sash Games Miguel Angel Sanchez
SPQR Deluxe GMT Games Joel Toppen
Squad Leader Avalon Hill n/a
Stalingrad Avalon Hill Messina, Johnston
Stonewall Jackson's Way II Multi-Man Publishing Rob Doane
Stonewall's Sword Revolution Games Richard Handewith


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