VASSAL is an open-source game engine which allows users to both play in real time (over a live Internet connection) and as PBeM ( via email). It runs on all platforms, and is free for personal use.

The files that are created/used for each individual game title are known as 'mods'.

Vassal is extremely popular amongst wargamers and, of all the games engines, probably has the greatest number of games supported. Creating 'mods' is more technical than for either Cyberboard or ZunTzu.

The software can be download from the VASSAL Website.

There is lots of information on creating mods and playing with Vassal available of the website.

Title Publisher Contributor
Barbarossa: Army Group South GMT Games n/a
Barbarossa: Kiev to Rostov GMT Games n/a
Battle Above the Clouds Multi-Man Publishing Rob Doane
Battle above the Clouds Multi-Man Publishing Rob Doane
Battle for Moscow Victory Point Games Mark Beninger
Battle for Normandy GMT Games Joel Toppen, Peter Dietrich
Battle of Dresden New England Simulations Andreas E. Gebhardt
Battle of Moscow Simulations Publications, Inc. Gregory Niswonger
Battles from the Age of Reason: Prague Clash of Arms Peter Bennett
Battles with the Gringos GMT Games Rob Doane
Bautzen 1812 Ad Technos Andreas E. Gebhardt
Beda Fomm Consim Press Joel Toppen
Berezina 20 Victory Point Games Mark Beninger
Beyond Waterloo Against the Odds Dave Jones
Birth of a Legend Against the Odds Judd Vance
Blocks in Africa VentoNuovo Games Filip Labarque
Blocks in the East VentoNuovo Games Filip Labarque
Blocks in the West VentoNuovo Games Filip Labarque
Blood & Roses n/a
Bloody April GMT Games n/a
Bloody Fields of Mollwitz Strategemata Slawek Lukasik
Bloody Steppes of Crimea: Alma Strategemata Peter Bennett
Bloody Steppes of Crimea: Balaclava Strategemata Peter Bennett
Bloody Steppes of Crimea: Inkerman Strategemata Peter Bennett
Bobby Lee Columbia Games Stan Hilinski, Thomson
Bomber Command GMT Games Allan Cannamores
Bonaparte in Italy (1st Ed) Operational Studies Group John Gant
Borodino 1812 Columbia Games Stan Hilinski
Borodino 1812 Status Belli Andreas E. Gebhardt
Borodino 20 Victory Point Games Mark Beninger
Braccio da Montone Acies Edizioni Pierre Bulle
Brandywine GMT Games Rob Doane
Brandywine (BAR) Clash of Arms Jim Pyle
Bussaco 20 Victory Point Games Mark Beninger
Caesar in Alexandria GMT Games Alfonso Velasco
Caesar's Legions Avalon Hill n/a
Caesar: Conquest of Gaul GMT Games Alfonso Velasco, Stephen R Welch
Caldiero 1796 No Turkeys Andreas E. Gebhardt
Caricat! Acies Edizioni Pierre Bulle
Carthage GMT Games n/a
Case Yellow GMT Games Lukasz Grabun
Celles Revolution Games Richard Handewith
Cellles Revolution Games Richard Handewith
Central America Victory Games Richard Lee
Central Front Series Strategy & Tactics Bry Bernard
Chancellorsville (PKG) Paul Koenig Games Steve Bradford
Chickamauga: Bloody September, 1863 Paul Koenig Games Stephen Oliver
Churchill GMT Games Dave Jones
Clash of Giants: Civil War n/a
Clash of Monarchs GMT Games Joel Toppen


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