LPD Games

Our thanks to Limey Yank Games for their service to the hobby community. LPD Games uses Cyberboard for prototyping and development and are happy to encourage pbem games in every way possible. After all, our games are meant to be played, not just admired (though we're delighted if they're admired as well).

Our Battles of the American Civil War games series includes two games you can try out on Cyberboard:

"Battle of Honey Springs" is a print-and-play game about the largest Civil War battle in Oklahoma. The rules are available at http://www.lpdgames.com/gamehsbacw.html Get the gamebox from Limey's link.

"Newtonia - Civil War on the Missouri Border" Another print-and-play beta test, playable with Honey Springs rules, was published in our e-zine "Special Operations", downloadable at http://www.lpdgames.com/sosepseven.html

And of course there are Cyberboard boxes you can download to play any other LPD Games title you own.

Watch for future releases and test drive games with our Napoleonic and Campaigns of the Second World War engines here and on our website, http://www.lpdgames.com.

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