Legion Wargames

I founded Legion Wargames (LWG) in May of 2009.  It is my goal, with the help of some talented game designers, and a few select affiliates, to bring you a fine selection of professionally produced military board games which cover topics that are as of yet un-gamed, or new game systems that offer a unique perspective on history.  In addition to the games, a strong focus will be put on a high level of customer satisfaction and customer service, for I believe it is the customers, not me, that will allow Legion Wargames to succeed.

As the sole proprietor of LWG, I handle all aspects of running the business in addition to helping develop the games, creating much of the graphics for the counters, maps, and box covers, coordinating production and shipping. 

I hope that you enjoy the games that will be produced and find all aspects of your association with Legion Wargames to be positive.

Randy Lein 


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