Cyberboard is a Windows game engine, created by Dale Larson, for building and playing online adaptations of board games and wargames via Play By EMail (PBEM). Though not free-ware, it is currently free for personal use.

The files that are created/used for each individual game title are known as 'gameboxes'.

Cyberboard is very popular amongst wargamers for PBEM and, of all the games engines, has the greatest number of  games supported om Limey Yank Games (it was, afterall, the system that LYG was originally setup to support). Creating 'gameboxes' is more involved than for ZunTzu, but less technical than for Vassal.

Download the software from the Cyberboard website.

Private Wars provides useful documentation on creating gameboxes and playing with Cyberboard.

Title Publisher Contributor
Drive on Kursk Decision Games Noel Wright
Drive on Metz Chris Fawcett
Drive on Metz Victory Point Games Bob Lecuyer
Drive on Moscow Decision Games Noel Wright
Drive on Moscow Decision Games Noel Wright
Drive On Paris The Gamers Yasuto Sugano
Drive on Stalingrad Decision Games Ian Coyle
Drive on Stalingrad Simulations Publications, Inc. Karoly Szigetvari
Drive on Washington Simulations Publications, Inc. Greg Laubach
Druid West End Games Fritz Briggs
Duel of Ages Venatic Games Wade Evans
Dunbar TCS Games Craig Thompson
Dune Avalon Hill Peter Cobcroft
Dynamo World Wide Wargames Andy Loakes
Dynamo: Dunkirk, 1940 World Wide Wargames Mal Atherton
East Wind Rain World Wide Wargames Karoly Szigetvari
Eben Emael Simulations Publications, Inc. PPSH
Edgehill TCS Games Craig Thompson
Elusive Victory GMT Games Terry Simo
Embrace An Angry Wind The Gamers Stefano Ricatti, Andre van Gils
Empire of the Sun GMT Games Jim Anderson
Empires at War Decision Games Howard Divins
Empires in Arms Avalon Hill Land, John Staunton, Fiig
Empires in Arms Avalon Hill Land
Empires in Arms Avalon Hill Andreas Orlyng
Empires of the Middle Ages Simulations Publications, Inc. Yasuto Sugano
End of Empire XTR Corp Mal Atherton
Epic of the Peloponnesian War Clash of Arms Mark Jones, Paul Jones
Europa Universalis 8 Daryl Anderson
Europe Engulfed GMT Games Troy Nordine, Andrew Harding, Darren Kilfara
Extractor Karoly Szigetvari Karoly Szigetvari
Eylau Simulations Publications, Inc. Mal Atherton
Eylau (3W) World Wide Wargames Mal Atherton
Eylau (SPI) Simulations Publications, Inc. Yasuto Sugano
Fallen Eagle World Wide Wargames Howard Divins
Feudal 3M Curt Cilia
Fifth Corps Simulations Publications, Inc. Peter Dietrich
Fight on the Beaches World Wide Wargames Paul Kantro
Fire in the East & Scorched Earth GDW Games Donald Lazov
Fire Next Time XTR Corp Daryl Anderson
Fire When Ready Metagaming Concepts Mal Atherton
Firefight Simulations Publications, Inc. Jeff Fisher
First Afghan War Decision Games Daryl Anderson
First Arab-Israeli War Noel Wright
First Battle of Britain Decision Games Daryl Anderson
First Blood The Avalon Hill Intercontinental Kriegspiel Society Jeffery Kuhn
First Blood: Second Marne Decision Games Daryl Anderson
First World War Phalanx Games Daryl Anderson
Flat Top Avalon Hill Chris Perleberg
Flat Top Avalon Hill Guillem


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