ZunTzu is a freeware game engine for building and playing online adaptations of board games, wargames and card games. It allows users to play in real time over a live internet connection, and includes voice chat capabilities. Unfortunately, it is for Windows only and has no Play By EMail (PBEM) capability.

The files that are created/used for each individual game title are known as 'game boxes'.

ZunTzu is generating a loyal following, has a good number of games supported and is reputed to be extremely easy to use for creating 'game boxes'.

You can download the software from the ZunTzu website.

Documentation on creating games boxes and using ZunTzu is also available.

Title Publisher Contributor
The US Civil War GMT Games Dave Jones
These Brave Fellows Against the Odds Dave Jones
Triumph of Chaos Clash of Arms David Laufle
Victory at Midway XTR Corp Dave Deitch
Vittoria 20 Victory Point Games Bill Barrett
Washington's Crossing Revolution Games Bill Barrett
Waterloo Avalon Hill Bill Barrett
Waterloo 20 Victory Point Games n/a
Waterloo 20 Victory Point Games Bill Barrett
Waterloo 20 v2 Victory Point Games Bill Barrett
Where there is Discord Fifth Column Games John Kantor
White October Battles Magazine Dave Jones, Dave Deitch


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