VASSAL is an open-source game engine which allows users to both play in real time (over a live Internet connection) and as PBeM ( via email). It runs on all platforms, and is free for personal use.

The files that are created/used for each individual game title are known as 'mods'.

Vassal is extremely popular amongst wargamers and, of all the games engines, probably has the greatest number of games supported. Creating 'mods' is more technical than for either Cyberboard or ZunTzu.

The software can be download from the VASSAL Website.

There is lots of information on creating mods and playing with Vassal available of the website.

Title Publisher Contributor
Fields of Fire: Normandy GMT Games Joel Toppen
Fields of Fire: Vietnam GMT Games Joel Toppen
Fighting Formations GMT Games Joel Toppen
Fighting Wings Clash of Arms Ian Wedge
Fire in the Lake GMT Games Joel Toppen
Fleurus 1794 Operational Studies Group Andreas E. Gebhardt
Flying Colors GMT Games Rob Doane
Flying Colors: Ship of the Line Extension GMT Games Rob Doane
Fontenoy Clash of Arms Kevin Graves
For the People (2006) GMT Games Steve Petras
Fortress Berlin Against the Odds Gary Krockover
France '40 GMT Games Joel Toppen
Freedom in the Galaxy Simulations Publications, Inc., Avalon Hill n/a
Gazala Revolution Games n/a
GBOH I: Great Battles of Alexander GMT Games John Bowers, Knut Gruenitz
GBOH IV: Julius Caesar: The Civil Wars GMT Games Knut Gruenitz
GBOH VIII: Cataphract GMT Games Knut Gruenitz
GBOH XIII: Chandragupta GMT Games Knut Gruenitz, Stephen R Welch
GBOH XIV: Chariots of Fire GMT Games Knut Gruenitz
Genesis GMT Games Tim Phelps
Germantown GMT Games Rob Doane
Germantown (BAR) Clash of Arms Jim Pyle
Gettysburg: Bloody July, 1863 Paul Koenig Games Stephen Oliver
Glory II: Across the Rappahannock GMT Games Kevin Coombs
Glory II: Across the Rappahannock GMT Games n/a
Glory III GMT Games Kevin Coombs
Gorizia 1916 Europa Simulazioni Peter Dietrich
Gorlitz 20 Victory Point Games Mark Beninger
Great Battles of Alexander: Deluxe GMT Games Alfonso Velasco
Gringo GMT Games Rob Doane
Grossbeeren 20 Victory Point Games Mark Beninger
Growling Tiger Battles Magazine Joel Toppen
Guelphs and Ghibellines Europa Simulazioni Alfonso Velasco
Guildford GMT Games Rob Doane
Guildford Courthouse GMT Games Rob Doane
Gzhatsk 20 Victory Point Games Mark Beninger
Habit of Victory Operational Studies Group Carlos Javier
Habit of Victory: beta Operational Studies Group Dominik Derwiński
Halls of Montezuma GMT Games Rob Doane
Hammer of the Scots Columbia Games Stan Hilinski, Thomson
Hell Before Night XTR Corp Stephen Oliver
Hell of Stalingrad Clash of Arms Chuck Parrott
Hell over Korea Legion Wargames Stan Hilinski
Hellenes GMT Games Joel Toppen
Here I Stand GMT Games Joel Koepp
Highway to the Kremlin Operational Studies Group Knut Gruenitz
Holland '44 GMT Games n/a
Hoplite GMT Games Brendan Clark
Illusions of Glory GMT Games n/a
Incredible Courage at Austerlitz - Telnitz Grognard Simulations Inc. Antonio Pinar Peña


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